Maggie Rapier

Content Creator & Bluestocking Extraordinaire


My imagination rules me. Every day is turned extraordinary, every small trip an adventure, every conversation a stone in my future foundation. As a child, my curiosity knew no bounds and the moment my imagined worlds could be translated and recorded into words, I never looked back. Supplied by endless stacks of books, cups of Earl Grey, and plenty of time spent gazing out the window, my imagination grew until I found myself grown into a full-fledged storyteller.

The Daily Magpie is home to my poetry, prose (short-stories and other literary feats), personal and thoughtful blogs, creative nonfiction, and reviews of other peoples’ stories. My portfolio includes work I’ve had published on other websites, and contains what I hope to be a pure reflection of the various aspects of my work. My voice is candid, humorous, whimsical, vulnerable, sometimes romantic, always encouraging.

I promise, literary lovers, you will find a kindred spirit in me.


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