General Update and New Ideas

Hello readers!

While I love posting in my blog with musings, personal essays, funny quips, and the like, I feel I've been neglecting my true love: fiction.

First, though, I should catch you all up.


Due to the fact that I'm finishing up my last year of college while working two jobs, I've been a bit busier than usual, and this has sadly interfered with my writing time. That's about to change, though, so hold on tight!

I'm making plans while on Christmas break, figuring out schedules, and playing about with new ideas. I plan to hit the ground running this week with new material in all categories, starting with the still-shamefully empty reviews section.


I am woefully behind on my novel right now, according to the schedule I set for myself back in September. Still, I shan't let that bother me, and I'm venturing on! I plan to finish by January, at the latest, and then I'll start the process of editing, and figuring out whether I want to submit it anywhere, of if I'll (more likely) self-publish on Amazon.

I'm extremely excited to share Laila and Kit's journey through Egypt with you all, and my beta-readers are dying for more words so I'd better get back to it!


For those of you who aren't aware (if you're not, check out my poetry section), my elder sister, Kaitlin Rose Slattery, is a professional illustrator, and she and I have teamed up for an exciting project called Woman. She takes photos of different women, asks them to come up with one word they feel describes them best, and illustrates an image based off that word. I, then, write a bit of poetry to accompany the piece.

We've gotten a fair few of the images done, but had to take an extended break thanks to massive life changes on both of our parts. Now, however, we are developing an official schedule and plan to be finished with the project and ready to publish by March, so mark your calendars and check out her Instagram here!


Speaking of fiction, I've had an interesting few ideas lately, and decided that instead of going ahead with it, I'd ask my audience.

You see, I keep a list of random ideas that pop into my head on my phone's notes section, and scribbled on various bits of paper. As of now, I don't have enough in some of them to make whole books, nor the drive to, but I think they'd work well as short stories! I also love the idea of sequential pieces, releasing stories with weekly updates or section by section, kind of like Dickens used to do with his novels.

This seems do-able to me, and even fun, and allows me to play around with a few ideas without fully committing. This also, of course, lets you guys get drawn into a story and gives you something to look forward to (I hope)! Also, this means I have to be accountable, which is good seeing as procrastination is my middle name.

So, for my sequential short stories, I have a few ideas, some of which revolved around: fairy tale and myth retellings, mysteries, adventures, and funny bits. I know that's vague, but I don't want to jump into something y'all aren't interested.

Which one sounds best to you guys? Please, comment on this post with your vote, or email me at

Thanks for reading, please COMMENT so I can know where to start, and until next time!

Margaret Rapier