The Book Jumper/Die Buchspringer

"The Book Jumper has a fascinating idea at its coreā€”the idea that all literary worlds run on the same plane, exist in the same universe, and that they run like clockwork. Each day, the story starts fresh with characters who are not only self-aware as regards their roles and abilities in the world, but have the autonomy to make different choices that might fundamentally alter the story in every copy in the world, based off that master copy on Stormsay. Glaser somehow manages to convey characters' unique worlds and characters, yet add a new voice and viewpoint as well."

9/10 Magpies!

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The Gemma Doyle Trilogy

"When you read Gemma Doyle's story, you are reading by the light of a candle, surrounded by dark wood and rich tapestry, while wrapped gently in a lace-edged dressing gown. Your heart will soar and stutter, your hands will shake. You will have to muffle the sounds of your delight and horror in turn, and you will never forget these books." 10/10 Magpies

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